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Hearing Aids 

our specialty

Our products are made of the finest materials available in the hearing aid industry. They come with a limited two year warranty

Most cases of deafness are caused by damage to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear. This damage can be caused by too much noise, and it’s permanent. Noise-related hearing loss is usually irreversible.

It is important that we all take steps to prevent noise-related damage. The key to keeping your hearing intact is to avoid loud noise.

The louder the sound, the less time you can safely listen to it. Just because a sound isn’t annoying doesn’t make it safe.

Noisy occupations, such as working in factories or on roadworks, used to be the most common cause of hearing problems. But with the tightening of health and safety rules, working in a noisy industry should be less hazardous to your hearing, provided you wear the correct ear protection.

Nowadays it’s recreational loud noise that’s the main problem, especially from MP3 players, such as iPods, as well as noisy clubs and music gigs. That's thought to be why hearing loss is increasingly affecting younger people.

All staff is really friendly, they do care about Customer Service and are bilingual (speak also Spanish). Also I find out that besides brand new hearing aids they also have Repair Service and have other related products such as batteries for hearing aids (noted that price is competitive) , ear wax removal kit, etc. They accept Medi-Cal, HealthNet and also saw that they offer financing option with Care Credit. Another plus is that they have their own parking lot, there was not the usual problem of trying to find street parking.

Lalo M.

Norwalk, CA

Went with my grandfather without an appointment we were seen and treated and also had a repair the same day it was a great experience my grandfather enjoyed it rarely he likes any doctor that I take him to.. he stated I like this one... happy 91 year old camper...
Diana V.
Hawthorne, CA

Place has very knowledgeable people! come get your free hearing test done! very welcoming place!

Ricky L 

Whittier, CA

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